From the Audience


Dear Ian,

Thank you again for a wonderful evening. Your performance of “Magic and Lightning: Into the Mind of Nikola Tesla,” was exactly what we were hoping for. As you could no doubt tell from the concluding ovation, your audience, young and old, enjoyed very much your crafted mix of education and entertainment. You have our best wishes and we look forward to hearing of your future productions!


Sincerely yours,
Robert M. Hauser, Executive Officer
American Philosophical Society


From an audience guest of Merrill Mason, Director, American Philosophical Society Museum:

Gads, I LOVED the Tesla show. I knew that anyone who had put together such a show would know more about the guy than I did, and Wow, I was not disappointed. Thank you for arranging such a brilliant and educational entertainment.


James W. Conroy, PhD
Pennhurst Memorial & Preservation Alliance
Center for Outcome Analysis


Congratulations on a fantastic show Saturday night! Your audience could have asked questions all night!


Spike Dolomite Ward
Executive Director
Theatre West